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> Agreed, why doesn't madvail open just the double for weekends?
> Why doesn't BV open part of the mountain just for a weekend or two?
> IMO these count against the value of the mountains season pass value.
> Now their pass holders will spend money at other areas.
I totally agree with your logic, since I will probably be spending some money to buy a ticket at the 'bush or Stowe one day this weekend with Bolton closed.  But, I think I'll still go with a Bolton Pass next season.  Granted I've got a couple of other factors that sort of make Bolton more practical in my case (less than 10 minutes from the house for the short days with the boys, night skiing, and on my way to work, etc.) but at $349 for a full blown adult pass, it's hard to beat.  I'm not sure what the cheapest full season passes are at the 'bush and Stowe but I'd be really surprised if the difference is less than the cost of a few extra day tickets in the Spring when there are usually reduced rates and other specials going on.  For someone that skis every day, it would probably be worth the extra weeks of lift service, but I'm not out there every day, and many of the days I'm out I'll want to skin anyway.  I'm pretty sure we'll get some Stowe or Sugarbush season passes in the future as the boys get older and we'll all want to mix it up in terms of ski area variety, but it will always be tough to to pass up Bolton passes while we live in Waterbury simply due to the proximity.

> Skinning may be fun, but I prefer spending most of my time skiing. I don't care
> for riding lifts, but it beats skinning. Skinning is what I do when I can't
> ride a lift to ski. I also want my lift time to be as short as possible.
I totally agree with what Matt said with skinning being like climbing on a bike, some people enjoy it, some don't.  I love climbing on bikes, E doesn't get nearly the enjoyment out of it and can't wait for the downhill.  For me, skinning is win, win, win, win, win.  I get my cardio in for the day so I don't have to go to the gym, and as a reward for doing what I would do anyway in what my opinion is a less enjoyable setting, I get to actually ski down in untracked powder with little if any competition for the fresh snow.  I can take my time climbing and get as many photographs as I want, etc.  Also, when I'm skinning, it's not like I'm not pushing myself to 90% of max or anything, I just take it at a very leisurely pace so that I can enjoy it all the way up.  It's pretty much like going for a walk in a snowy park with a great bonus at the end.  Lifts are great though, because you'll rarely get as much vertical through hiking as riding the lifts.  The days I really like are when I can skin up for a fresh run before the lifts are running, and then time it to catch a few bonus lift-served runs right when the lifts start up.  That's sort of like the best of both worlds.

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