Here's an "I've never done this before" question for the list.

Does anyone have any concrete experience and/or pricing numbers associated
with going from print to digital access for existing collections? We're
planning a move into a smaller space, and although I will be doing a severe
weeding, the medical staff here would like to retain access to the journal
collections we have traditionally held. We have about 11,000 linear inches
of journals covering 233 titles.

We do currently have access to EBSCO Host Basic Biomedical Collection, OVID
Full Text, the Proquest Medical Library (relatively limited full text
materials), and MDConsult.

I am just starting my research, but thought I would also seek out personal
stories and what did/did not work. I also welcome any suggestions on what
questions I should be asking in my research.

Brett VanBenschoten
Library Associate
California Hospital Medical Center Library
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