I've found the e-mail signature to be one of the best ways of promoting
our credentials, even more than the business card or name badge. This
may stem from the fact that virtually all of my library
requests/correspondence are via e-mail with individuals (kind of
speaking to what Scott wrote in his related message about a definable
library may no longer be essential), but there have been many times when
after writing one of our members (nurses) around the country I get a
reply to the effect of either "I didn't know you had a masters degree"
or "What is the AHIP?" which then allows me to refer them to
<>  and hopefully provide a bit
of professional promotion that way.


Mark Vrabel, MLS, AHIP
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Hi, Joy.  Our badges don't list degrees, but they are marked as Faculty,
as that is our status here.  Our business cards list our degrees (MLIS,
etc.), which is a subtle way of educating our patrons.  Does anyone
else's library do the same?  Certainly all the other professionals on
campus or in the hospital have their degrees listed on their business
card.  We should, too.  If anyone's library doesn't, what are the
reasons given by administration?  Please share. 

One of my professors told us how new "Librarian" badges were printed up,
but unfortunately, they were misspelled and read as, "Libarian."  The
librarians had to strenuously argue against wearing them; administration
was surprised to think that wearing the misspelled badges would be
considered a problem.  Geez!

Take care,


Tanya Feddern-Bekcan, MLIS, AHIP, MOT, OTR/L
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Co-Director & Reference and Education Librarian Louis Calder Memorial
Library - University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

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All too true that many people don't know that we're masters degreed
professionals!  I'd worked here for many years but after I gave a
powerpoint CME signed with my MLS one of my regular doctors remarked he
didn't know I had a masters degree!  ARGHH!  In my hospital I'm not
allowed to put my degrees on my id badge.  I'm seriously thinking about
getting a white coat like many of the masters degreed nurses wear with
my name, degree and "Medical Librarian" embroidered on it.  What do you
think? A new trend? Maybe we could sell them at conference?Joy

Joy Kennedy, MLS
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