Thanks, I'll plan on attending this meeting. and see if I can find others
to attend.

Sebastian Ventrone

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Good luck on finals and have a great summer, students!

For those of us here year-round, spring is a great time to start
something new (or restart something that fallen out of use).  Help the
EWB Vermont Professional chapter get back off the ground!  Next meeting
is Monday, May 14 at 6:30pm at UVM in Perkins 211.  I will provide

We'll meet on the second Monday of every month, unless the group decides
to meet more often.

We'll discuss group restructuring, project ideas, and dreams of a better
world.  Check the yahoo group [log in to unmask] for an agenda next
week.  Students are welcome, of course.

See you then!


Margaret Ramalho McMorrow, P.E.
Staff Associate
ARD, Inc.
159 Bank Street, Suite 300
Burlington, VT 05401
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