In trying to troubleshoot the "slow" issue, I am finding that it 
seems to be linked to getting the latest Tuesday night Windows 
update.  We are seeing the problem in machines both on and off 
campus, so it does not appear to be tied to "Network Services".  It 
is probably just coincidence, but it seems to be happening on units 
that have Automatic Updates turned on with the added "Microsoft 
Updates" (Active X) installed.  Is anyone else finding this to be 
true?  I am seeing this on both old and brand new systems.

Yesterday, Ben sent a note that looked like it might reflect 
something along this line, but there was no details of the symptoms 
in his note, just a fix.  I hesitate applying a fix unless I know 
that it is appropriate for my problem.  Could there be a batch file 
created that would do the same thing?


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