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> Subject: Re: Oracle Calendar Multiple Entries
> I figured that could be the case and yeah, Sync ML is leaps and  
> bounds better than the oracle palm sync app....
> One could use both tho, in the instance that they wanted to back up  
> media with hot sync etc and just configure the calendar conduit to  
> do nothing, sound right?

Well yes, and in fact this is the way you must configure your PDA  
device; calendar and tasks syncing through SyncML and those conduits  
defaulted to "Do Nothing" on Palm Desktop.  If you don't then the  
sync process presumes that you've synched the device to two different  
computers and voila, duplicate entries.  Sync it again and it starts  
to become the ancient math example of doubling the grains of rice.

Once you have the duplicate entries you have to manually remove them  
from ALL the places they exist: on the PDA, on Oracle calendar, etc.

There are some utilities out there for automating duplicate removal,  
but I'd make darn sure you had a good hotsync (with the Calendar and  
Tasks set to do nothing first of course) of the unit before you started:

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