Let's be clear about what the employee is trying to do...  he wants to connect to a COMPUTER that is a member of a WORKGROUP from a DOMAIN joined computer.  You cannot actually "connect to WORKGROUP", because workgroups are just common namespaces for the broadcast of computer names.  WORKGROUPS have no shared security model, and thus cannot be "connected to".

The key to connecting to any Microsoft device, domain-joined or otherwise, is to know the account name and security context to the device to which you want to connect.  To connect to a DOMAIN resource, you would connect as "<domain_name>\<UserID>".  To connect as an account local to an individual computer, you would instead connect as "<computer_name>\<UserID>".

For example, to connect to the computer "BobsPC" as user "jgm" in the "CAMPUS" domain, I would provide the user credentials "CAMPUS\jgm".  If, on the other hand, I wanted to connect as the local user "administrator" on the computer "BobsPC", I would use the credentials "BobsPC\administrator".

I hope that helps.  Short answer: "No, you do not have to leave the domain to do this.  You just have to provide credentials in the correct format".

-Greg Mackinnon

Nick Ogrizovich wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">We have an employee that has a UVM laptop, that is joined to the UVM campus domain, and the user wants to be able to connect to their home workgroup (e.g. MSHOME).  Is disconnecting the laptop from the CAMPUS domain the only way to access resources on a MSHOME workgroup? Is there a workaround they could employ, that would allow the laptop to keep the campus domain settings, and somehow use the MSHOME resources?