Please follow the directions here: 

You do not want to use "CAMPUS" as your domain.  I believe "domain" is 
an optional field, correct?  If so, just leave it blank.

Also, keep in mind the pre-requisites for Calendar sync to function... 
you need to have MS Outlook 2003 or earlier, and Active Sync 3.8.  More 
current Active Sync versions are not certified to work, and Outlook 2007 
absolutely will not work at all.  None of this works on Vista, either.

That is all correct to the best of my knowledge... if I am off base I am 
sure one of my ETS colleagues will let me know.

-Greg Mackinnon

Larry Kost wrote:
> I am trying to get my HP Pocket PC to sync with my Oracle Calendar.  
> Everything is installed, but I can't get the calendar to sync with the 
> Pocket PC.  I think it may have something to do with the Calendar 
> info.  I entered for the server, my name and 
> password, but am unsure about the domain.  I am assuming that it is 
> "campus".  Is that correct?  If so, exactly how is it typed? Are there 
> back-slashes or forward-slashes or more to the designation?  Is it 
> possible that there is something else that I have missed?
> Any help would be appreciated.  If necessary, I am willing to meet 
> with someone who can help getting the sync to work.
> Thanks.
> Larry Kost