Hi everybody,

Here is a little update for those of you who couldn't make it to the  
meeting last night.  We had a quick meeting where we went over  
favorite parts of your experience in SEEDS, asked for input for the  
program (please email us if you have anything you'd like to say - good  
or bad - about communication with program coordinators, afterschool  
coordinators, other volunteers, times, spaces available to work with  
kids, supplies available, etc etc etc - there is no limit).

We also handed out goodies to say thank you to all of you volunteers  
and did final evaluations of the program.  We would love for everyone  
to stop by the SEEDS office to pick up their goody (they are all in a  
shoebox sitting on the desk), and to fill out a final evaluation form  
(we really want your input and won't take more than a couple minutes).

Thanks for all of your hard work this semester, and it was fun to work  
with all of you!

Please continue to feel free to email or call,

Heather Fjeld
University of Vermont
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