Good Morning:

At the April 19 meeting, it was noted that the presentations from that
night would be posted to the website. I have not seen them, but there
are a lot of places they could be put that I might not find them. If
they are there, please direct me to their location. If they are not,
then please link them.

I am also looking for a file that I think was part of a presentation a
while ago. It was a LIDAR topographic image of the two neighborhoods,
including the eastern slope of the golf course. If that is an available
image that can be posted or emailed, I would really like it. If its
already embedded in another file that is on the website, please direct
me to the right place.

Is there an update on the deed impairment deadline? Legislative outcome
and regulatory impact? 

My last diatribe concerning overland water flow from the golf course
didn't even raise a harumph from anyone. I can assume then that I was
right on the mark and you all agree. Will those points be brought into
the City's interaction with the Golf Course, or would I need to send a
more traditional correspondence directly to the City? It just seems that
there are some relatively simple and unobtrusive remedies to the water
quantity problems that should appeal to the golf course as opposed to a
moat, or the "super-moat". 

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. If you have served at any
time, then thank you for your service to the Country. 

Ray Forsell
31 Moss Glen