This post was originally titled "Northern Greens, Feb 21-Mar 1." I  
wrote it way back then and never got around to mailing it. As we  
drift into summer and tally up our days, I thought maybe it was time  
to share these thoughts

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I used to be a bumpaholic. I was young and made of rubber. I had few  
athletic talents, especially in sports which involved balls. I could  
run track, ride a bike, throw a frisbee. And ski. A bit like a spazz,  
wild and undisciplined, but I could ski. And I liked bumps.

Then, in 1988 or so, I blew out a knee at Mad River. I took a bad  
jump off the Paradise waterfall and strained it, then tore 75% of my  
ACL 15 minutes later on the last 4 bumps on Rockefeller's. Minor  
surgery to clean up meniscus that spring. January the following  
season, I tore the remaining 25% on Exhibition at Jay -- while  
standing in place (call for details). Major reconstruction surgery  
that spring.

Starting the following November, I decided that bumps just weren't  
all that. Sure, I would ski them, but not with the same relish, and  
certainly not with the same style. I tried to work on grace and  
finesse, rather than strength and luck. Don't know if I ever actually  
achieved grace nor finesse, but that was the plan. Oh, yea -- Aand  
avoid big icy grump bumps at all costs. Seek out soft snow, powder,  
trees. Sometimes, moguls were just in the way.

Shift ahead to February, 2007. I just skied 12 days straight, 7 of  
them with my young son, William, age six, in some of the softest and  
most forgiving snow in years. And I have skied moguls, lots of them,  
over and over again, chasing and being chased by a smooth skiing  
bumpaholic munchkin.

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Some Stone Hut Week highlights, not all involving kids or moguls:

o Hiking up Cliff Trail (the Hiking Kind) above the Cliff House. I've  
skied down this -- easy. But climbing up? I had an anxiety attack.  
Apparently, I'm a little scared of heights. Skiing down the Rock  
Garden felt much better.

o Introducing Booger fields to the uninitiated. It was Jonathan  
Kamien and I who named them in the early 90s (see 

o Solo Tuesday tour: Bruce==> Bear Run==> Burt Trail==> Underhill  
Trail==> Upper Steeple Cutoff==> Upper Steeple. Four hour tour on fat  
skis and AT boots for 25 so-so powder turns. Got back to the Quad  
with 15 minuted to spare before closing time.

o Solo Wednesday night, alone in my hut (yes, MY hut). Some friends  
dropped in for beers around 7PM and stayed an hour or s, then headed  
back to Underhill -- not an unusual occurrence at 3650'

o Skiing with the kids: mine, Scotty-D's, Jim's. Kids can rip, and  
they keep you young. Then there was the skiing with the Big Kid,  
Scott-B. Had fun showing him around good ol' Spruce peak.

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