I ask the doc to define "as soon as possible" - within the hour? Today? Tomorrow?  Within the week?  Like as not it's the last.

In the DOCLINE FAQs it says "Rush and Urgent Patient Care requests must be receipted the same day, and updated within one (1) business day after receipt to avoid rerouting by Time-Triggered Actions."  Somewhere I thought I read that Urgent Patient Care is intended to mean same day delivery.

Like Linda Bunyan's consortium, the Colorado Council of Medical Librarians (of which Jenny Garcia - see quote in  Lou's sig - is another longtime member) has always had a policy of following up rush requests with calls.  Sometimes I'll even check holdings and call before I send the request, just to make sure somebody's in.  When Colorado was hit with a huge blizzard last winter, I ended up calling around from home to get a needed article from Missouri.  Another time, many years ago, a rush request I sent went to a University in Texas, and when I called them they waived the rush fee because I had the courtesy to call them.

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I  too have sometimes been confused about what to put in the "date needed
by."    When a doctor says "get if for me as soon as possible"  I ask for a
Rush.  So if I put that day's date down the request expires and doesn't get
filled at all.  If I put a date down that is farther in the future the
request doesn't get filled "asap."  When a doctor asks for the article by
"tomorrow" I will always ask if they still want the article if I can't get
it buy then.  What do I do if he or she says yes? I find myself doing
double the work because I have to go in and request the articles a second

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