And in a class setting... I never tell them "this will be easy, you can
do it".  Rather I tell them I'm going to teach them some basic skills
and they will NOT be experts after one class.  They should look to their
librarian for expert help.
Whenever you find something quickly, remember you didn't find it in 5
minutes, you found it in 5/10/15/20 years (or however many years of
experience you have) plus 5 minutes.

(This is a great Friday chat -- it's 85 degrees here!)

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-----Original Message----- amazement, I say some variation of "knowing how to do good
searches is 
part of my job, just as patient care is part of your job." 

Fred King
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Medical Libraries Discussion List <[log in to unmask]> wrote on 
05/24/2007 01:40:03 PM:

...I also explain (using 
> most technical terms possible) exactly what I'm doing, step by step.
> They tend to appreciate what I do more after that. (At least, they're 
> coming to me for help, lol!)
> Brett VanBenschoten
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.....Yesterday a nurse told me she is retiring this week and won't miss
> pressure.
> Now she can stay home, relax and just sit at her computer desk like I 

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>'d to me), telling him he definitely needed to get in touch with
as I
> offer tons of resources, and also "does lit searches and locates 
> whenever you need them.  It cuts down a lot on the scut work."
> Do you hear my teeth grinding?  And this is a guy who really DOES
> I do!  I replied, saying I would be very happy to work with the PA,
> And that by the way, I don't think of it as "scut work": it's my job.
> I got an apology within seconds.  Stung a little just the same.
> --
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