P.S. That really was a great catch by Manny. In contrast to LF Matsui's
misread of a catchable double. Fun to watch Manny's reaction, too.

Never knew about that cutoff catch Manny made against the Orioles. Was there
ever any explanation of "what was Manny thinking?"

Also, A-Rod and either Lugo or Cora I think were having quite the animated
conversation while Alex was on base in the third(?). Any clue what it was

Also also, classy, classy move by Big Papi, helping Jeter up after they
butted heads. 


P.P.S. I love watching NYY-BOS. Stoopid, stoopid Times reporter said the
game was "never in doubt" given Wakefield's night. Was he watching the same
game I was? Did he leave after the 7th inning?

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