Now, I thought I posted this earlier, but I see after a full hour that it isn't I'll post it again (I apologize in advance if it is just stuck in the queue somewhere and posts randomly at a later time).
Saturday night at Nectars will be Rick Redington and the Luv Machine.
I think most of you would dig his music. He plays originals and covers, inspired and mentored by Jorma Kaukonen. He has a great voice and can really rip on guitar. His band is also rockin.
Some of you may have heard of him as he's from Rutland and has played around VT for many years, with regular gigs in the Kton area.
Rick is a friend of mine. He's a really great guy. In fact he's coming to play at a party at my house June 23rd weekend. You are all invited. He's even got our party on his website.
Check him out if you can and buy a CD. His Sweet Life CD is one that gets played over and over. He's got a new one coming out as well. The production is excellent. I know I'm biased but I know that everyone who hears him is touched by the magic. He music is inspiring.
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