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Subject: Ted Ligety in VT for VARA Clinic

> Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Ligety and Fellow US Ski Team Athletes to
> Ski Racing Clinic.
> Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety and fellow 2007 World Championship 
> teammates, Kaylin Richardson, Jessica Kelley and Jimmy Cochran
highlight a 
> group of current and former US Ski team athletes that will be hosting
> ski racing clinic open to all VARA ski racers and coaches.  The clinic

> will be held on Saturday June 23rd from 12:30 to 3:30 PM at Cochran
> Area, Richmond, Vermont.  There is no charge for the clinic.
> Joining the 2007 World Championship team at the clinic will be former 
> World Cup racer and 3 time Olympian Chip Knight, World Championship 
> medalist Doug Lewis, USST World Cup rookie Tim Kelley, and former US
> team racers Roger Brown and Adam Cole.
> The current and former ski team athletes are in Vermont for a weekend
> fundraising events to raise money for the installation of snowmaking
> Cochran Ski Area, Inc., the nations first non-profit ski area.
> they decided it would be a great opportunity to host a clinic for
> young ski racers. The Ski Team members will pass along some of their 
> training secrets and give tips on ski racing technique.
> Come and learn from the best!  There has never been a free racing
> in Vermont with this caliber of athletes.  T-Shirts will be available
> sale. At the conclusion of the clinic the athletes will host an
> signing session for clinic participants.

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