To:  Middle Level Mathematics Educators

Re:  Summer 2007 Geometry Institute


The Vermont Mathematics Partnership and The Vermont Institutes are
pleased to announce the Summer 2007 Geometry Institute taking place
August 6 - August 10 from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM at Champlain College.  


Instructors:  George Ashline, Marny Frantz, Krisan Stone and Sheila


Two concurrent strands will be offered as follows:


Strand 1:  Geometry in the Middle Grades (5-9): Topics include
similarity, transformations, spatial reasoning, and making & testing


Strand 2:  Geometric Reasoning in Grades 9-12: Topics include
trigonometry, spatial reasoning, limits, matrix transformations, and
making & testing conjectures.


Both strands will feature dynamic geometry software applications at the
middle and high school levels and ways to differentiate geometry


Delve into mathematics content as an adult learner while you:


*	Explore applications of this content for middle or high school
*	Read current research on how students build mathematical
*	Develop strategies for assessing student understanding &
addressing common student misconceptions
*	Experience strategies for differentiating instruction
*	Discuss this work with mathematicians and colleagues


These courses meet Vermont's Highly-Qualified Teacher requirements.
Register online at
<>  or call: 802-828-0071 for more
information about this exciting summer professional development



Tisa Rennau, Director

VI Administrative Services


The Vermont Institutes 

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Montpelier, Vermont  05602-3146


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