My company is hosting a seminar on the design of geothermal heating and
cooling systems for buildings.  This two day event has been developed
specifically for architects and engineers and will take place on the campus
of Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts.  Participants are encouraged
to attend both days of the seminar but we do offer pricing for only one day.
Please visit our website for more information and please reply to this email
to receive the event agenda, registration form and some information about
the instructor.




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Geothermal Design Seminar

Location: Wellesley, MA

Dates: July 18-19

Instructor: Dr. Steve Kavanaugh, Geothermal Designer, Ph.D Mechanical

Contact: Duncan Miller @ 617-782-4579 or [log in to unmask] 

More Information:  <http://www.heatspring.com/design>


Who will attend: The intended audience for this seminar is architects,
design engineers and contractors interested in ground source heat pump
design and installation. Subject matter is appropriate for other technical
personnel, such as HVAC and drilling contractors and building energy


Why attend: Demand for geothermal HVAC systems in buildings has never been
stronger and is growing at an unprecedented pace.  The two day seminar will
help you understand the variables affecting geothermal systems and the
different options available for design and installation. Join the thousands
of design professionals who have taken this excellent course. Invest in
yourself and learn the skills needed to work with this efficient, clean

Duncan Miller
HeatSpring Energy
www.heatspring.com <http://www.heatspring.com/>