I am having a group of teenagers visiting the library for blocks of two
hours, and I'm running out of things to show them.  I don't exactly have
what you'd call an exciting facility for them to explore.  It is
basically shelving and some computers.

At any rate, I showed them Medline Plus today and they really got into
the surgical videos there.  Can anybody suggest some websites that might
be of interest to teenagers?  These are bright kids, but they are still
on the young side, so it can't be too technical or controversial.  My
experience with children and teens is minimal, so I'm blanking on what
to do with them.

Additionally, if anybody has any games/ideas of how to keep this sort
of client occupied for a couple of hours, I'd love to hear them.  I'm
going to do a medical scavenger hunt with them next visit, but I still
have other blocks of time to fill.

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