I hope that you're all having a great summer!
I tried to sign us up for this huge events fair on the 26th, but I  
guess you need a desk in the SGA space to be represented.  So.... I'm  
trying to get us a desk, not too sure how its going to work out.  I  
will also try for the activities festival, where we can have a table.
   Kelly will be traveling to Ecuador with an EWB group from Colorado.  
  It will be great to hear about what she has learned on her trip and  
how we can apply it to our group.
   I will be sending another message as it gets closer to school to  
have an exec. meeting so we can discuss our plan of action for the fall.

Enjoy the great sunshine!!


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    Thank you for your email! First question I have is if you have a
desk in the SGA student org. space?  We are unable to provide student
orgs. that don't already have a desk in that space a table for the
event.  Our thought is that student orgs can best be showcased at the
Activities Festival.  If you want to register your org for that event
you can email Justin Gerboc at [log in to unmask]  It would be wonderful
if Engineers Without Borders could be represented, but I can't provide
you a space since thousands of people are expected to be moving
thoughout the building. I do encourage all the members of your
organization to be there and represent! Thank you!

Katie Proudman
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Quoting Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hi Katherine,
>   I would like to register Engineers Without Borders for the event on
> August 26th.  When is set-up time and clean-up time?  Do we get a table?
> Thanks,
> Jacquie

Katie Proudman
Chair, UVM Program Board
Rubenstein School of Natural Resources
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