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Organization: UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture
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Hi Center staff,
    I wanted to share a farming opportunity with you who work with begining farmers and those seeking alternative enterprises.  This farm is set up to make cheese and Dan can not really do lifting anymore because of a bad back.  He left the lambs on the ewes this year.  He would set somebody up milking and making cheese for next year.  He wants to move his family back to England so their kids and attend school there.  He is open to a lot of arrangements.  He is very kind and easy to work with.  They also care for rescue race horses which brings in a daily income and help with a good grazing rotation with the sheep.  The land base is limited but they are right on route 100 for good sales access.  His breeding stock is excellent and I wish I could buy some of his sheep!  Perhaps, someone could buy in milk (he has done so in the past with a cow dairy) and learn the cheese business right now.

For Sale
:  Friesian ewes, some pure, some high mixes, with following lambs born May.  Good start to a dairy flock. All ewes are experienced milkers.  Take them to your place or discuss a share milking scheme at our dairy.  Good potential for someone with a strong back. Contact Dan at [log in to unmask] or 802-767-4127. Granville, VT.

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