Yoshie quoth:
>If there's any country for which CNG makes sense, that has to be Iran,
>what with the second largest natural gas reserves it is said to have,

	-  fine  -  and you can add those night-time satellite pix of 
huge flares

>Tehran will never be able to convince those who believe that its
>nuclear energy program is not for energy but for nuclear weapons, just
>as Saddam Hussein could never convince that his government no longer
>had WMDs.

	This is not a logical comparison.
	The search for WMDs in Iraq, conducted by hostile parties 
highly motivated to find them, failed; therefore we disbelieve them. 
No search at all is necessary to support the conclusion that Iran has 
huge available NG, as outlined above.
	The only further step needed is the price of nuclear v. 
NG-fired power stations.  The former is shrouded in enormous 
subsidies which cannot now be traced fully, but looks to be 
somewheres around U$10/W or more.  The fuel is not cheap, especially 
when it's not in your own country and most especially if the type of 
reactor you choose requires enriched fuel rather than natural U.  The 
operations & maintenance costs of nuclear are many times those of 
standard gas-burning power stations.  Iran could choose tandem-cycle 
NG-fired stations, 50% efficient, a few $/W and can be built within 
1-2 y.
	Iran's development of nuclear reactor technology can 
therefore not be for electricity.

	The 'wind map' propaganda was evidently written by some PR 
agents  -  as evidenced by their
"a price range of 450 to 650 rials per kw/h."

I must correct Yoshie's assertion
>In any case, Iran, imho, is less warlike than New Zealand, which
>joined the USA's Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

	The first accusation is false.  We refused to join the 
Bush/Blair 'coalition' in Iraq.  We have a few score personnel there, 
rebuilding water supplies, schools etc.  They are army engineers, for 
good reason, but are in districts where combat is not expected. 
Their classification would be 'peacekeepers'.  I just wish the peace 
were more solid!
	The picture for NZers in Afghanistan is similar.  But we also 
have there, as complained of recently by a visiting anti-Blair Labour 
UK MP, the mysterious SAS of vague numbers, position & function - our 
elite army unit, there presumably on the principle 'the riot squad 
are restless, they need somewhere to go'  -  and there are some 
pretty nasty gangsters in that country whom even Yoshie might not 
want to support.  Just because the Yank armed forces are there in a 
big way (and botched the capturing of Usama bin Laden) doesn't mean 
other countries' forces have no valid role there.
	True, us Kiwi peace movement activists have decades ago 
called our nation "the Gurkhas of the S. Pac." for our former 
willingness to join damn near any war.  That period is well & truly 
gone; for a decade now we've had a policy of undeclared pacifism, 
crippling the armed forces on the unstated assumption that we could 
never again get in any war.