I agree with Herb, and was just about to post something similar re "no SftP" 
and "liability".

Should we tell people at the AAAS meeting, "Hey, we all belong to the SftP 

SftP used to be a vibrant organization, not without structural problems and 
internal conflict.  It was certainly a very important part of my life for 
many yy back in the day, as it was for Herb, Jon Beckwith, Bob Lange, George 
Salzman and others on the listserve who were in the Boston chapter,  and 
others who were in chapters of SftP in many other locations.  I was also in 
the Stony Brook (NY) chapter before I moved to Boston in '74.

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Apparently you guys who correctly speak for openness missed the point for 
which i must accept responsibility by not having been clear.  The two 
reasons for my suggestion are:

   1. There is no SftP.  Why pretend?  We are participants on a list serve.
   2. There is some liability problem, i believe, in using the name.      
Check w/ Jon Beckwith


Frankly i was initially a bit stung by the reading you guys gave my remark.  
So many times from the late forties through the seventies.i returned home as 
the sole breadwinner to tell my wife and then 4 children that we'd have to 
tighten our belts for awhile 'till i found new employment because of my open 
stand as a radical.  Circumstances prevented me from responding to your 
emails immediately.  A good thing, because later i realized it was my 
inference not your implication that my untarnished record of openness, even 
when a member of supposedly clandestine organizations, was being sullied.  
Another example that hasty responses to emails are unwise.

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