"When Carmichael was confronted during a SNCC conference by black women 
concerned about their roles and what they saw as sexism, he abruptly ended 
the discussion by stating, “The only position for women in the movement is 
prone.“ Cleaver, a convicted rapist, was worse, for he implemented a 
philosophy termed “Pussy Power” whereby the Panthers pimped out their women 
for the cause."

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Subject: Re: Why did SftP (the organization) die?
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 19:17:50 -0500

This can't be. I _was_ at that convention, and while the Chicago
Panthers that spoke did express unacceptable positions on women,
Stokeley Carmichael very definitely was _not_ there. I'm not sure he
ever spoke at any SDS gathering. Are you sure you don't have a SNCC
convention in mind.


Stuart Newman wrote:
 > The Stokeley Carmichael statement was made at an SDS national meeting in
 > Chicago, probably 1n 1969.  I wasn't there myself, but I remember the 
 > comments about it the following day.  It isn't an urban legend.

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