Apparently you guys who correctly speak for openness missed the point for which i must accept responsibility by not having been clear.  The two reasons for my suggestion are: 
  1. There is no SftP.  Why pretend?  We are participants on a list serve.
  2. There is some liability problem, i believe, in using the name.  Check w/ Jon Beckwith

Frankly i was initially a bit stung by the reading you guys gave my remark.  So many times from the late forties through the seventies.
i returned home as the sole breadwinner to tell my wife and then 4 children that we'd have to tighten our belts for awhile 'till i found new employment because of my open stand as a radical.  Circumstances prevented me from responding to your emails immediately.  A good thing, because later i realized it was my inference not your implication that my untarnished record of openness, even when a member of supposedly clandestine organizations, was being sullied.  Another example that hasty responses to emails are unwise.