George Salzman wrote:

> unacceptable. The question is, How should it be dealt with? I know from 
> previous correspondence with Claudia Hemphill that the kind of "tough, 
> male slugfest" that Michael [Balter] and Chuck[Munson] seem to relish is 
> very distasteful to her and to some other women, who find it 
> intimidating. Claudia, if I recall, termed it a pissing contest.

These e-mails are new to me, so I'm responding to the personal atatck 
directed at me in these messages.

I do NOT engage in "tough male slugfests." I have a reputation for 
shooting from the hip, but I'm simply being honest and open about my 
opinions. I try to be more indirect and positive these days, but none of 
my posts have anything to do with me being a male. The idea that I'm 
macho is absurd. Ask Alex. He knows me personally.

I also do not relish "pissing matches" or flame wars. This goes against 
everything that I am as a person. To the contrary, I feel really bad 
after I get into heated exchanges (which are usually escalated into 
personal attacks by the other person). It goes against my personality to 
"relish" any kind of verbal argument. But we are adults and a discussion 
list is going to have its share of disagreements, including those caused 
by miscommunication and clashes of writing style.

Since I'm responding to the meta-thread about moveration, let me 
re-iterate my stance that Michael Balter should be re-instated to the 
list. The only problem that I can see with his posts is that he was 
overposting, probably in an angry reaction to other posts. In cases like 
this, people should be warned and put on moderation. If it gets worse, 
just suspend a person for a week.

I don't understand why Michael was booted and not Jonathan.