OK, seriously -- Carrol, Stuart, George, Herb, Jon, and others -- there really needs to be an SftP reunion along with this AAAS session we're contemplating.  So many experiences to share!  And I want to meet you all and hear more. 

I only teach documentary film, but I have friends who make them and I imagine they'd also see the interesting features of such a gathering.  SftP and related radical science movements are a vital part of history and science that is ... to say the least, not well known.  I think it should be.

On 7/8/07, Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
This can't be. I _was_ at that convention, and while the Chicago
Panthers that spoke did express unacceptable positions on women,
Stokeley Carmichael very definitely was _not_ there. I'm not sure he
ever spoke at any SDS gathering. Are you sure you don't have a SNCC
convention in mind.


Stuart Newman wrote:
> The Stokeley Carmichael statement was made at an SDS national meeting in
> Chicago, probably 1n 1969.  I wasn't there myself, but I remember the many
> comments about it the following day.  It isn't an urban legend.