Dear Science for the People list users

I don't want to leave the science for the people list.  However I, and I would suspect many list members, would like to erase many messages as a waste of time.  Puleeze, please do not just reply and keep using the same subject lines over and over.  Please take the 10 seconds and put in a subject line that actually reflects what your message is about.   Subject lines like   " I really know what Stokely said 40 years ago"  Rather than "Why did Science for the Peopld die" would be more fair and useful to us all.

I mean this most sincerely.  I learned years ago that when you click on reply to use an address, you can always, and always should, re-write the subject line as a sign of respect to the recipients.

Please do this.

Please, for me, for everyone.  I am serious.  I don't think you all have to attack me now, with an endless exchange using my subject line above.  Just start using accurate subject lines without winning an argument with me. 

bob (lange)

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