The most efficient method of field data collection: CyberTracker  

CyberTracker software [] can be used on smart  
phones and handheld computers to record observations of any level of  
complexity. It allows anyone, regardless of their field of interest,  
to customize a series of screen interfaces specifically adapted to  
their own data collection needs.

CyberTracker's unique design allows users to display icons, text or  
both, which makes data collection faster. It also allows field data  
collection by non-literate users and school children.

     * Free software
     * Paperless field data collection reduces errors and waste
     * Easy to customise, no programming skills required
     * Icon or text design saves time in the field
     * Electronic Field Guide with Species Identification Filter
     * Navigate with GPS Moving Map feature
     * Mapping of data
     * Add Photos to data points on map
     * Query and Sort Data in Tables
     * Efficiency Graphs and Frequency Graphs
     * Observer Effort and Index of Abundance
     * Easy export for analysis

CyberTracker Conservation

CyberTracker Conservation is a non-profit organisation whose vision  
is to promote the development of a worldwide environmental monitoring  
network.  CyberTracker software has been downloaded more than 30 000  
times in more than 75 countries.

Climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and loss of  
biodiversity may have serious impacts on human welfare.  To  
anticipate and prevent negative impacts will require ongoing long- 
term monitoring of all aspects of the environment.

Our mission is to improve environmental monitoring by increasing the  
efficiency of data gathering and improving observer reliability.

Scientists and conservationists benefit from the icon interface  
enabling significantly faster data collection than text interfaces or  
written methods.  Involving scientists and local communities in keys  
areas of biodiversity, CyberTracker combines indigenous knowledge  
with state-of-the-art computer and satellite technology.  Using  
CyberTracker in citizen science will help to improve environmental  
monitoring and develop public awareness.

CyberTracker is also being used in education, farming, forestry,  
social surveys, crime prevention and disaster relief.

Patron: Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University
CyberTracker Conservation
(Association incorporated under Section 21) Reg. No. 2000/016138/08
Board of Directors:
Conrad Aveling (Chairperson), a UK citizen, Olivier Langrand, a  
French citizen,
Frank Feys, a Belgian citizen, Louis Liebenberg, a South African  
Tel (+27 21) 949 2171 | Fax +27 86 6426191
P.O. Box 962, Bellville, Cape Town, 7535, South Africa
E-mail [log in to unmask]

Managing Director: Louis Liebenberg
Operations Manager: Carike Pepler

Software Development

System Design: Justin Steventon and Louis Liebenberg
Programming: Justin Steventon

CyberTracker Software Brochure.pdf
CyberTracker Conservation Brochure.pdf

Section 51 Manual for CyberTracker Conservation

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