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> Canadian Study Reveals New Class of Organic Pollutants
> A Canadian team reports in this week's *Science<>
> * that efforts to crack down on persistent organic pollutants (POPs)<>may have missed an entire set of them. Dioxin, PCBs, and DDT are considered
> among the most dangerous pollutants on the planet because they don't break
> down easily, are highly toxic, and build up in the food chain. These
> chemicals persist in our body fat, and even miniscule amounts in food can
> add up over time and contribute to health problems such as cancer. More than
> 140 countries have endorsed the 2001 Stockholm Convention,<>which aims to banish a dozen POPs from the environment. The Convention's
> target list is based on risk assessments of these POPs accumulating in fish
> food webs. But that assumption, the authors argue, could be missing
> chemicals that fish remove from their bodies but that mammals and birds
> don't, due to their different respiratory physiology. One-third of the
> 12,000 or so organic chemicals on the market in Canada fit this new
> category. . . Whoa. Here comes Silent Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. JULIA


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