It may be true that as Michael Balter writes :"we live under capitalism and not socialism and that is likely to be our lot for the foreseeable future."  But it does not logically follow that that we should adapt our strategy and tactics to "our lot for the foreseeable future."  Rather we must choose strategies and tactics that enable people to learn through their own political experience that the system itself is the primary reason that effective drugs are obscenely expensive, that drugs like Oxycontin are marketed by lying about their true qualities and that some of the drugs most needed by the non-affluent aren't even on the research agenda.  Band-aids will perpetuate the system.  Through struggle people learn what the enemy is and what class represents it.  Capitalism is going to be around until the majority of the people recognize that it is the source of their pain and of the destruction of the planet.  "Foreseeable" is precisely how long it takes to hasten that day of massive anti-capitalism.  Our job, if we have any respect for our children is to make that "foreseeable" as short as possible.  Indeed that includes reform struggles, but only reform struggles that increase the number of people who recognize that the enemy is the capitalist system and strengthen people's confidence that they can change it.