You are absolutely right! The Chicago group is among a few around the US that are doing just that: trying to do science for the people work- in spite of the odds.

The Algebra Project( is another aspect of this truly grassroots movement.

I hope you invited the Chicago folk to join the SftP listserv!

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>Subject: More on the Digital Divide
>I'm spending the summer in Madison, Wisconsin and this morning went 
>down to the State Capitol to participate in a demonstration in 
>support of "Healthy Wisconsin, " legislation that would extend 
>government funded health insurance to nearly everyone in the state, 
>and which could be a step towards a single-payer system.
>As we were assembling inside (for interesting historical reasons, it 
>is possible to hold quite noisy demonstrations inside the Capitol 
>Rotunda in Madison-not something they permit in most places), a rally 
>was setting up outside organized by the Ministerial Alliance Against 
>the Digital Divide, a Chicago based group based in the black 
>churches. The literature they were distributing points out that 75% 
>of African Americans and 74% of Hispanics with incomes below $30,000 
>are not on line. "Children in economically disadvantaged communities 
>attend schools without enough computers or high-speed modems and with 
>teachers who aren't trained. High-speed access costs more money, and 
>without the ability to pay, these Internet users are left behind."
>I briefly talked with a couple of the organizers (one of whom joined 
>our health care demonstration for a while). Their focus is on 
>grassroots mobilization to hold governments and corporations 
>accountable and to demand public and private investment "particularly 
>in minority communities [their term] and those that are economically 
>disadvantaged." I don't know much about the group, but this kind of 
>organizing, with a political focus on making demands on the wealthy 
>and powerful, is the kind of activity that I think constitutes 
>genuine science for the people.
>If you want to find out more, check out their website:

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