Thanks for the post Michael. 

Does someone know the measures by which Cuba is judged 39th?   Without 
detailed information i assume that 39th is pretty good for a country 
that has been suffering a 50-yr blockade by the most powerful nation in 
the world.  Even today a shipment of medical supplies is being held by 
the US at the US/Canadian border.

An interesting aspect of Ms Wong's review is that after remarking,

    Moore violates the contract between reporter and audience: to tell
    the truth.

she later use the quote:

    "The treatment Moore and the rescue workers receive in the film was
    done specifically for them, because they [the Cubans] knew it would
    make great propaganda," Dr. Julio Cesar Alfonso, a Miami doctor who
    practiced medicine in Cuba for four years, said in a June 22
    interview with The Miami Herald.

Quoting a Cuban expatriate's interview in the Miami Herald as the single 
source of contrary information is hardly acceptable journalistic 
searching for the truth.

Does Moore diminish his effectiveness by some of his practices?  I think 
so from having seen his previous films.  He doesn't hide his position 
though.  I would challenge Ms Wong to analyze the fraction of US films 
that are in fact propaganda in whole or in part and never advertise 
themselves as such.  Would the US lung cancer rate be so high had not 
Hollywood promoted smoking in its films, usually for a fee?