Claudia Hemphill Pine wrote:
> Thus, to attribute the property of sexuality to people's brains seems
> meaningless to me, as brains are not reproductive organs.  Are there
> such things as "black" brains and "caucasian" brains?   For that
> matter, are there "gay" brains and "straight" brains?  The assumption
> that there are only two kinds of humans, male and female, seems
> another gross overgeneralization, as Yoshie points out.

Of  interest here is S.J. Gould's review of a book by Thomas Laqueur;

Volume 38, Number 11  June 13, 1991 Review The Birth of the Two-Sex
World By Stephen Jay Gould

Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud  by Thomas Laqueur
Harvard University Press, 313 pp., $27.95

The book itself is a fascinating history of conceptions of gender, and
the response of such conceptions to political rather than "scientific"