There are 4 great things happening on SftP now!

1. New informative articles being posted (Mandi, M Balter, & others);

2. A move toward developing list guidelines or a clearer sense of how many want none, or some, and what.  I'm for having some.  I am willing to be one of those who pull together the possibilities for the perusal of the larger group.  I am on lists that range from fully anarchic to fully moderated (with varying need, and results).  In fact, I've been collecting scholarly literature on causes of flame-wars, relations of social cuing to list etiquette, and so forth, along with examples of guidelines. 

Those we formulate need not be prescriptive, even -- they could be simply a list of such references and a description of our experience (including lately) from which we derive a distillation of what particular things are most likely to be taken badly by SftP people.  We have the literature and data to do some qualitative or 'grounded theory' analysis on this.  Indeed, our experience as a group with a philosophical commitment to openness and anti-authoritarianism would be welcomed, I believe, as a contribution to the growing literature on cyber-community.

I'm interested in helping others in either of these directions. 

I would recommend that the work group step aside to a parallel threaded & archived discussion area -- open for everyone's perusal but not adding to this list's traffic except perhaps biweekly.  There are many possible locations; I know several.

3. SftP Cuba trip. This would totally rock. Don't know how I'd afford it but I would find a way! There are other radicals I know here & online who'd be interested (yes, even in Idaho! If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere :-).  I'll post my comments on this subsequently to keep the threads clean.

4. AAAS.  I like this idea - again, will reply separately to a dedicated AAAS thread.


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Some interesting suggestions for a session at the AAS meeting have been made, for example, by Lange (below) and Levins (earlier).

I cannot contribute much in the way of expertise because my research area is in chemistry of association colloids (sometimes known as soap solutions).

However, I am willing to help with the scuds work, coordination, etc.


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I can imagine two ways to go at this time with a session for AAAS.  I am sure there are others.

1.  There are quite a few of us who work in Africa, Mexico, Brazil. etc.,  and who try to incorporate our good and progressive and radical principles in our work and yet face contradictions in our efforts that are real and interesting.  Bazin, Van Buskirk, Lange, Saltzman, to mention a few of us.  Maybe a session about progressive efforts and attending contradictions and compromises would be interesting.

2.  There are impedements to healthy local development coming from U.S. and "first world" techology and policy, of course.  A well documented and argued exposition on this could be valuable.

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Here is the info:


Date:  February 14-18, 2008

Location:  Boston


The theme for the 2008 Annual Meeting—"Science and Technology from a Global Perspective"—emphasizes the power of science and technology as well as education to assist less-developed segments of the world society, to improve partnerships among already-developed countries, and to spur knowledge-driven transformations across a host of fields. The program will also emphasize ground-breaking areas of research, new and exciting developments, and cross-cutting activities in support of science, technology, and education around the world.

Larry Romsted

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Would someone please write a simple message with the

Date and location or the AAAS meeting people are talking about.

Also, what are any proposed themes or titles for a SFTP session, and is there a general theme for the AAAS meeting itself?

bob (lange)

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