Self-referential acronymn loved by computer geeks: gnu's not unix.  Unix is a takeoff on multix.  All are operating systems.

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Subject: Re: Communist origins of Internet 

I'm no techie, but this is irresistible... what is the GNU? Have you
come across The Smoking Gnu?! It appears in Going Postal, the Terry
Pratchett novel, which contains a lovely description of what happens
when a geek-excitement-based technology falls into the hands of

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	Subject: Re: Communist origins of Internet

	One of my sons, Brian, was the first paid employee of the Free
Software Foundation, Richard Stallman's creation .  Brian is the author
of the GNU Bash Shell that appears everywhere especially amongGNU and
LINUX users and is incorporated in the Apple OS.  It is unfortunate that
the still existing rather widespread utopian concepts embodied in
Stallman's "Copyleft"  never were embraced by the traditional left.  It
is a lost opportunity or maybe not, as the composition of the
proletariat shifts more and more to workers in IT.  In Marxian terms i
see that movement as a struggle against alienated labor.  Incidentally
Stallman is the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship.  I encourage any of
you expecting to publish a book or manual check out the Copyleft.  It
can be used for books also.
	Michael H Goldhaber wrote: 

		I hope its plain that (a) Barbrook wrote what Phil is
quoting, not I, and (b) that even he was not putting forth his own
position in that quote, but trying to explain the views of those who
loved McLuhan at the time. 




		On Jul 9, 2007, at 12:30 PM, Phil Gasper wrote:

			At 12:24 PM -0700 7/9/07, Michael H Goldhaber

				 What made McLuhan so much more
				attractive than Marx was that the
knowledge elite ? not the
				proletariat - was the maker of history.

			Attractive if you're a technocrat rather than a
democrat, I guess. --PG

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