does SftP have a website?  alternately, are there a couple of documents i could read (including Vision, Mission Statement) that could fill me in on the history of this organization/ movement?  i was outside the US more than 20 years so there is a bit of a knowledge gap.  

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Someone with exact knowledge of the history has to clarify the SftP issue.  It ended because of a tax liablility that proved fatal.  The organization had collected witholding taxes from its employees, but failed to send them to the IRS over a considerable period, and had a huge debt to the IRS that was all our own fault.  Some sort of deal with the IRS was negotiated, I suppose.  I was not in on that.  A new board had to be set up to deal with the mess because we did not have a proper board.  Of course, we should do nothing that might link us with any un-finished legal things, but I doubt if there are any.  The name might be "clean" by now, but Beckwith might know or someone else who helped close it down would know.   I am quite sure the organization does not exist as a legal entity.    I hope not.

I personally started (in 1992) and manage a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and know what it means to keep such a corporation  alive and well.   It is a lot of work.   Starting up such an entity is a huge undertaking.  

bob (lange)

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