Interesting. BTW, does the USA have a current ad campaign (I think it's Lilly) which says, "Do you suffer from unexplained back pain, joint pain and blah blah? If so, you could be suffering from a form of depression you cannot just snap out of. Visit your doctor..." It's angered a group of people who suffer from chronic pain disorders, since it leads to questions from friends and family: "Aren't you just suffering from depression, which you can take a pill to get rid of?" It also triggers a kind of thinking about depression: "depression that causes physical pain is real depression, whereas any other kind you can 'just snap out of'."
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Subject: Marketing Definitions: Film documents increase of anti-depressants in Japan

Does Your Soul Have a Cold? This is the name of a new documentary film made by Mike Mills that explores how American Pharmaceutical companies are "exporting American definitions of depression and the use of antidepressants to the ancient culture of Japan." The film views this through the personal stories of five particular patients taking antidepressants. 

Film-maker Mills says he is neither for nor against SSRI's, but rather seeks to help Japanese suffering from depression "realize that they are not alone."  However, "Does Your Soul Have a Cold?" (the title is from a successful ad campaign) will likely raise questions about how Big Pharma tends to sell a specific definition of depression as better treated by medicines than psychotherapy or social-structural changes.