Couple of things.

1. You got it right in your prior email (segment below) that I am the person
who suggested organizing a SftP meeting.  I have my hopes that a meeting
with a radial science focus would get a better reception now, especially
with younger scientists, although I have no concrete evidence for this.
(Both Balter and Campbell showed interest in the idea off list.)


       a. A national meeting called by some of the people on this list after
discussing the focus, agenda, speakers, etc., or

       b. a symposium at a AAAS meeting (Balter suggested this meeting to me
off list).  Have no idea how to get a symposium accepted by AAAS, I have
only organized symposia at meetings of chemists.  The next AAAS meeting is
in Boston on Feb 14-18,2008.  Their home page:    has a link on the left side for information
about the program, which does not look like it is fixed yet.  The theme for
the meeting is:

³The theme for the 2008 Annual Meeting‹"Science and Technology from a Global
Perspective"‹emphasizes the power of science and technology as well as
education to assist less-developed segments of the world society, to improve
partnerships among already-developed countries, and to spur knowledge-driven
transformations across a host of fields. The program will also emphasize
ground-breaking areas of research, new and exciting developments, and
cross-cutting activities in support of science, technology, and education
around the world.²

Sounds almost Disney like.  ³Its a small world after all....²  Kind of theme
that is ripe for a radical critique.  ³Science in the service of capitalism²
or ³Science for people not profits.²   Not hard to be provocative.  Harder
to be effective.

    2.  But, I have never been to Cuba or Haiti and I would love to go.  In
fact, the way my work life is going lately, I would
        rather go to Cuba or Haiti.  Less complicated to organize and plan
in some ways (I think).  Couple of weeks sounds great.

I think a formal proposal needs to be made to the list and see how people

Larry Romsted 

P.S.  Shortly after Balter is brought back to the list, I think all the
people who dropped because of list problems should be invited back.  Perhaps
they can be encouraged by the idea of the list members doing something,
i.e., 1 and/or 2 above.  I will help with this.

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> <The idea came from some correspondence in the last couple of days and from
> Dick Levins¹ post today about Cuba and the control of information. Maybe
> instead of organizing a conference, as Larry Romsted (I think it was)
> suggested, it would be a more catalyzing action for SftP to organize a
> delegation to visit Cuba and Haiti.>