I have an interesting, quite possibly looney question.  We have all probably had a patient that has had a RT carotid endarterectomy and RT fem-distal BPG and they have commented "something must be wrong with the right side of my body".  I dismiss this as coincidental and really havent given it a second thought...until today.   I scanned a lady she is 70 y/o (this is true!) that in the past 25 years has had RT CEA, RT fem-pop BPG, RT mastectomy, ascending colon (rt side) resection due to ca, Rt arm carcinoma removed, RT hip replacement, RLE DVT(unrelated to the colon/hip/revasc. surgery) Rt cataract removed AND wears a hearing aid in, you guessed it HER RIGHT EAR!  BTW...she has a pretty normal Lt side (ART/VEN/Carotid) on duplex. the question is, Is it me, or could this be slightly more than coincidence? has this sort of thing ever been in the literature?  Now I didnt get into what she did for a living (maybe she is a sonographer that scans righty...haha....)  



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