You may, if you have not already, start finding it difficult to acquire high quality VCR's.  I ran into this a couple years ago and my impression was that VCR's are nearing the obsolete stage.  Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hello All,



Can I request some comments re: VCR use in a vascular lab that has a PACS system. The PACS system cannot take cine loops as a side note.

The VCR at our lab has broken several times, to save overhead on tapes + equipment I thought I would pose the question to the flownett whether using a VCR is considered still a necessity.  


I personally like the idea of using a VCR to record live scanning and to potentially be used someday in a clinical decision, but in the past 16 years, I have never had to queue up a VCR tape.


Any thoughts are appreciated,



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