Dearest atlassers,

Many of the blocks we repeated in this atlas have fewer species than in the first atlas. Why? At least in part, fewer of us probably lived in our blocks, and more of us took on more than one block. So when we hit those magic 75/35 numbers, we moved on to the next block. If you think you could obtain more species on your block, and have the time to do so, now is the time for that final search, particularly for less common species. Why bother? It will help match our efforts more closely with those of the first atlas (important for data analyses!). 

NOTE: This may be an especially useful activity for those of you who are already experiencing symptoms of EAW (Early Atlas Withdrawal - pronounced "Ewwwww").

There are plenty of species still within safe dates, but note that many safe dates expire
August 1. Click here for a pdf of species that are still within safe dates

TIPS: Birds are quieting down now, so consider using tape players, cd's, ipods, etc. with speakers to bring them out of the woodwork. Screech owl calls and chickadee calls can work well, sometimes saw-whet calls and Blue Jay calls work well too. Add your own pishing to help draw attention. Others on the list are encouraged to chime in with tips on tried and true methods. (Keep in mind we don't all have elaborate equipment, good vocal imitations, or recordings of mobbings). 

Also, there are late nesters such as Goldfinch and Cedar Waxwing that can be confirmed relatively easily in late summer. There are also young from late nests still being fed.

Go get 'em!

Yours in these final atlassing days,