Am home on a bit of a break before I go back out for more atlas work. For anyone interested in seeing an easily-visible and active colony of Bank Swallows, they are east of Enosburg across the Missisquoi River next to Route 105. They are on 105 0.2 miles east of the intersection of Boston Post Road and Route 105. There's plenty of room to pull off the highway at "The Dairy Center" complex. The Missisquoi Rail Trail is there, too.

What's cool now is that they are the highest code, NY (nest with young seen or heard) for Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas (though unfortunately in Enosburg 5, not a priority block - oh, well). While many of the adults are popping out of sight into the holes in the bank, there are also numerous young who are sitting at the mouth of the hole waiting for the adult to feed them (similar to tree swallows and cliff swallows). My binos were fine for watching all this, but anyone with a scope should have awesome views!


Charlotte Bill
Enosburgh, Vermont