This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for July2, 2007 covering the period June
25 - July 1, 2007.


This week's highlight was 4 MUTE SWANS at Pompy Flats on 6/22.


Following is an update from Eric Hanson of the Vermont Loon Recovery


As of July 1, there were 54 loon nests confirmed in Vermont including 6 new
nests on Green River Reservoir SE, Pensioner Pond, Shadow Lake (Concord),
Woodbury Lake and one other lake.  This number will go up as several nests
are not being checked until early to mid-July.  The Shadow Lake pair failed
after an attempt to move the nest from someone's beach front to a nesting
raft.  The loons made the move to the raft successfully but did not follow
it down the shoreline 200 feet.  


Woodbury Lake has its first loon chick since the loon program began in 1978.
To date, 32 chicks are swimming on our lakes and ponds.  Eight nest failures
have been confirmed - most of the eggs disappeared.  At Chittenden Reservoir
the raft broke loose and the pair abandoned the nest; the raft was retrieved
and put back in place and the pair has since re-nested.  There is new pair
activity on Derby Pond and Lake Dunmore (nest searching/courting).  We put 8
signs around the island on Dunmore.  As of last week the pair was still
hanging out close to the island.  


Several ponds with potential pair activity last year or as recently as this
May now have less consistent loon activity (Daniels, Great Hosmer,
Wapanacki, Bruce, Greenwood, Knapp Brook (nested '06), Marshfield, Neal,
Elmore).  There is a chance that loons were off the ponds during the survey


Loonwatch will be July 21; there are still a few small lakes that are
unassigned.  If anyone is interested in helping to survey a lake that
morning around 8 am, please contact me at the address below. For 2 ponds
where I removed nesting rafts this year, one pair has nested naturally
(Brownington) and one pair has not (Bald Hill).  The Newark Pond pair
successfully produced 2 chicks from the island site after using a nesting
raft for many years.


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