At 09:50 AM 7/1/2007, Geoff Devine wrote:

>Instead of state income tax and
>state sales tax, we charge $1.00 per car each way for the tourons going
>to Maine and we sell them liquor at the rest areas.

Yeah, well, once they get here we tag 'em $1.75 to enter and leave 
the state, with additional tolls elsewhere, and we charge 'em out the 
wazoo for both liquor and smokes, both of which are significantly 
less expensive in New Hampster, and we DO charge state income tax and 
state sales tax.

Of course, Mainers are exempt from none of the above.  Vermont 
recently passed Maine as the most heavily taxed state in the nation 
when measured as a percentage of personal income.  Maine's 
legislature, which apparently views Maine's tax status in much the 
same way as Yankees fans view the ALCS, is doing everything it can to 
regain the #1 spot.

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