Chris wrote:
>Besides, other than Great Salt Lake, I'm not sure how much water 
>there is around SLC,
>but I'm awaiting correction from any of the residents of that area

A lot of folks boat on the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake, but, due to 
the salt content being higher than that of sea water, the majority of 
boating and all swimming is done on the fresh water lakes and 
reservoirs. Admittedly, while some are in reasonable proximity to 
SLC, many of the premier destinations are hours away (eg: Lake Powell 
at 5+ hours, esp. when towing a boat. And it was 113F at the Bullfrog 
Marina yesterday!). Of course if you're willing to drive 5 hrs., that 
gives access to many, many water destinations in Idaho, Wyoming, and 
Colorado in addition to Utah. Also, a lot of water sports activity 
takes place on our rivers as well.

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