Well, I for one am glad to see a discussion of immigration reform and  
skiing.  As far as I am concerned the immigration problem has wrecked  
skiing.  Years ago you could ski anywhere you wanted up here and have  
it all to yourself.  In the last few years there have been so many  
immigrants to the holy lands, the hallowed ground, the mother lode  
that everything has been bumped up and trashed.  All these immigrants  
have led to moguls, but that is another issue.

Yes, most of these immigrants have been illegal, and very lazy.  They  
don't cut the trails, they don't contribute to the annual maintenance  
and upkeep of the fatherland, and they pollute the pristine  
environment with trash and blue smoke.  Some of them even bring their  
dogs along who further foul the sacred lands with poop (I spelled  
that backwards BTW in case you couldn't tell).

And even worse is that they bring their friends along!! Some people  
even charge to bring these immigrants to the mountains!  Isn't that  
illegal?  Even more immigrants, and some of them are breeding here  
and bringing their CHILDREN further insuring that they will overrun  
the hallowed ground, and drive us true sons of the land further and  
further away.

Like everyone else, I hoped the congress would deal with this huge  
problem of immigration and skiing, but they don't even seem to  
realize the tremendous problems us skiers have.  For some reason all  
they seem to think about is jobs, and borders.  I say give all these  
illegals jobs, plenty of jobs, so they are so busy they don't have  
time to ski.  that's the ticket!

Yes immigration and skiing is a huge problem.  I hope that I live  
long enough to see the day that all those pesky immigrants are  
shipped back to wherever they come from, and the skiing will be back  
to the way it was, pure and uncrowded like when I moved here.


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