Mount Adams is the 2nd highest peak in Washington at 12,200 feet. Unlike other
of the high volcanoes in the PNW, it has a fairly easy, non-glaciated route to
the summit. Like the other volcanoes, it has superb summer ski routes.

I drove 7 hours from Boise on Saturday with my buddy Mark. We had great views of
Adams after leaving Hood River and saw our objective for Sunday, the SW Chutes
that are seen directly below the summit:

There were 100?s of climbers in the campground at the trailhead, most of who
woke up at 3-4 am to start climbing from ~5,500 feet. We started at 5:30 am
thinking that being on skis would make us quicker than the hikers. There were
probably 40 skiers on the mountain.

The weather was fine until 10,000 feet, where the wind picked, the temperature
dropped, and visibility went to zero in fog. Fortunately, the fog lifted as we
approached the summit, giving us views of the nearby volcanoes.

Mt. St. Helens

Mt. Hood:

The Big One:

The SW Chutes offer 3500 vertical feet on skiing at a consistent 36 degrees:

It?s one of the best runs I?ve ever skied, and the snow was excellent corn.
Reminds of skiing in Newfoundland, but obviously much longer and many more
people around. I had to stop several times to catch my breath, take in the
surroundings, and watch my skiing partners cut up the corn.

J. Shefftz:


Stephan, a skier from Hood River whom we met at the top of the chutes and joined
us for the descent:

After the steep skiing stops, there?s another 1200 vertical of skiing over
sun-cupped and dirty snow at a shallower pitch. I enjoyed the challenge of that
skiing as much as the steeper stuff. Here?s a photo of me taken by Stephan
showing how we milked every vertical foot out of the run:

Group photo of everyone (except for J. Shefftz who was in too much of hurry to
stop for frivolous things like group photos):

I highly recommend skiing Mt. Adams the next time you visit the Hood River


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