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> Just curious how everyone feels about the defeat of any type of immigration
> bill this week.
> In the news coverage, the typical picture painted is that of a mexican
> farmworker. 

You aren't reading much news.  Sure, USA Today and CNN and other outlets might be portraying this as being about Mexican farm workers, but, its much more than that.  Think factory workers in southeastern MA.  Think day laborers in CT. Think large multi-nationals taking advantage of people.

But, I digress.  The real issue about immigration is ILLEGAL immigration.   

>But the ski biz has grown heavily dependent on these workers as
> well. Jamaican maids, South African lift attendants, kiwi ski instructors.

I'm not aware of ski areas higher illegal immigrants.  I know one area that goes through a lot of trouble to avoid exactly that.

> It's a diverse group that allows resort operators to keep wages artificially
> low and has led locals to seek employment elsewhere. 

What a load of parC!!!  I know (and I do mean I know, I'm not guessing, assuming or anything else) that one large central VT ski area would much rather higher all locals and they would if they could.  It's a royal pain in the ssa to have all these immigrant workers, they spend a lot of money and resources managing them including extra HR personnel, they need to provide them transportation, housing, etc.  I was surprised to have someone point out to me all of the properties in town that the resort owns or has winter leases on, for the sole purpose of housing immigrants.  Of course, having those houses full of immigrants means they aren't full of skiers like they used to be.   The recruiting trips alone would pay the salary of a couple seasonal locals (and they aren't boondoggles - they get enough of them from the industry)  Look, I'm not saying we should sympathize with the resort operators, but, I am saying its just plain wrong to portray it as a pool of dirt cheap labor.

To say the immigrant workers have caused the locals to seek employment elsewhere is just plain wrong.  Even with the immigrant employees, there are still pages of job openings at the resort, in the same departments as the immigrants.  Not to mention all of the help wanted signs in town.

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