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I hear you, Mark.  Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Saab, VW, Ford--I've owned
them all (or my parents owned them and I drove them).  I've seen Jerm
beat the tihs out of his Ford Ranger.  I know inexpensive; 6 cars,
total cost: $1,474 plus a six-pack of refeahcS and a six-pack of

Not the entire story. Matt was gifted his most recent car by Mom and Dad. Mark, will your parents give you a Subaru Outback this year?

1) Toyota Prius.  It's expensive, up front, but you'll save a lot of
money on gas.  Invest in good snows.  You'll be fine.

I'm a big proponent of hybrids, but not because they'll save you money. The gas savings on a Prius will not pay for the premium of the hybrid system over the life of the vehicle. The best bang for your buck with a fuel efficient front wheel drive car is NOT a hybrid. Of course if gas finally jumps to $5/gallon like it ought to...

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